Do you have an HVAC Emergency and need to rent a cooling tower urgently?

Do you have an emergency and your cooling tower has failed? Do you have some planned or unplanned maintenance and need to rent a cooling tower? Do you need temporary supplemental? Do you need to rent a cooling tower fast and have it deployed within a matter of hours?

Total Environmental Management, Inc.  (TEM) leads temporary and emergency cooling and heating in California. For most applications when you need a rental right away, we can be at your job site within a matter of hours with a rental cooling tower trailer.

Rental Cooling Towers Sized to Your Emergency and Temporary Operational Needs

TEM offers a complete line of fully automated rental cooling towers and tower trailers to fit your needs.

Individual unit capacities range from 50TR (ton) to more than 800TR (ton) at standard operating temperatures (95F Ent / 85F Lvg / 74F WB).

Cooling Towers

Our Trailer Mounted Rental Cooling Towers Are Available for Immediate Deployment

We move quickly. Temporary cooling tower trailer rentals are pre-packaged systems that are available for immediate deployment and rapid connection to an existing commercial, industrial or manufacturing facility.   All portable temporary cooling tower trailers include:

  • A single point power connection including an integral fused disconnect or circuit breaker
  • A condenser water circulating pump and integral temperature regulated capacity control (with fan variable speed control)
  • In most cases deployed within hours
  • Towers ranging from 50 T to 800 T
  • Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
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When would you need a Rental or Temporary Cooling Tower?

  • Do you need a rental cooling tower due to an existing tower replacement?
  • Did the high summer temperatures cause your existing tower to break down? Or maybe it just can’t handle the heat and you need to supplement your cooling needs.
  • Do you have planned or unplanned maintenance and need to rent a cooling tower in the interim? You don’t have to shut down your operations during repairs.
  • Are you waiting for a part? Did the gearbox or fan shaft break? Call us to rent a cooling tower fast.
  • Did your industrial processes grow and you need a cooling tower until you expand and invest in more permanent equipment?

With the largest amount of inventory and leading in Southern California in providing emergency and temporary heating and cooling solutions, call TEM today.

Below is a video of an installation we did overnight at a downtown high-rise in Los Angeles.