Package Units

Emergency Package HVAC Units 10 Ton to 25 Ton

We offer skid mounted or trailer mounted HVAC Package units, straight cooling or heat pump units. Heat pump units are available from 10 ton to 20 ton. Straight cooling units are from 10 ton – 25 ton. If your load requires a larger capacity we can put multiple units together. For large capacity requirements TEM can provide  a chilled/hot water fully contained system.

Examples of Package HVAC Unit Applications

  • Provide heating and cooling HVAC units for a facility to temporarily house a new department for your organization
  • Rent Package units to provide both heating and air conditioning since you are not certain of the seasonal ambient temperatures
  • Continue to provide temporary heating and air conditioning while your existing system is repaired or replaced
  • Warehouse cooling/heating for employees
  • Tent events or temporary structures
  • Retail store applications
  • Banquet and open floor plan venues

HVAC Package Unit Configurations

Depending upon the configuration of your industrial or commercial facility and your unique capacity requirements, one (1) or more TEM Portable Rental Package HVAC Units may be furnished.

Package HVAC AC Rentals

Sizes Available
  • 10 Ton
  • 12.5 Ton
  • 20 Ton
  • 25 Ton