Spot Coolers

Spot Cooler portable rental units may be the answer for your short term cooling requirements. Our Spot Coolers range in capacity from 1 TR (ton) to 6 1/2 TR (ton), making them ideal for applications where relatively small spot cooling capacity is required for a defined location.

Deliver, install (electrical wiring as well), give operator training, and tear down/remove; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Provided with your Spot Cooler Rental

Spot Coolers are equipped with thermostatic controls, cleanable filters, condensate buckets, cold supply air discharge nozzles and rollers for ease of movement within the facility. For longer term projects, we can provide a condensate pump in place of the condensate bucket. Because our 1 TR (ton) rental Spot Coolers require 110 / 1/60 power (15A service), they are universally applicable to almost every location in the USA.

Since our spot coolers are designed for operating in office environments they operate quietly and efficiently. The temperature controls are simple and easy to understand and operate.

Applications for Spot Cooler Rentals

  • A small, isolated area that is not getting adequate cooling from the central air conditioning system
  • Spot Coolers provide supplemental cooling solutions to a specific area where additional heat generating equipment has been installed
  • Temporary Air Conditioning (spot cooling) to a meeting room that does not have any Air Conditioning
  • In the middle of your manufacturing plant to improve worker comfort and productivity
  • Computer Rooms

Spot Cooler Rentals

Sizes Available
  • 1 Ton Spot Cooler Rental
  • 1.5 Ton Spot Cooler Rental
  • 2 Ton Spot Cooler Rental
  • 5 Ton Spot Cooler Rental
  • 6.5 Ton Spot Cooler Rental