Does your AC cooling project involve an air handling unit,  packaged HVAC unit or a portable air conditioning unit?  Does your HVAC project involve critical or valued engineering?  When your system is down, is time of the essence?

TEM prides ourselves with not just being another rental company, we understand that when our customers find themselves in a situation they come to us for a solution.   That’s why we have the deepest inventory of accessories to support implementing our system into yours.

AC Cooling Emergency Equipment and Parts
When you are in a cooling emergency, the last thing you need from your AC rental equipment supplier is incomplete AC cooling parts and supplies. You want to have confidence in your temporary rental water chiller supplier that they will furnish everything you need to complete your AC installation. When your cooling tower fails at 2:00AM, you need to be certain that the temporary cooling tower vendor has the ability to actually connect the temporary cooling tower to your system.

Temporary Rental AC Cooling
If you have a requirement for temporary water chillers, cooling towers, portable AC air conditioners or packaged HVAC units, you need a way to connect the equipment to your existing facility.  As your temporary, emergency air conditioning AC partner, we want your experience to be as simple as possible.   TEM can provide a complete bill of materials for your temporary cooling application. Everything you need to connect a rental water chiller or portable cooling tower is available from our own inventory.

All major AC system components and parts in our inventory are designed for operation at a specific electrical power voltage. In most cases, if your available facility voltage does not match the design of our equipment, we can provide a power transformer. For example, our inventory includes transformers for 230/460/3/60 as well as 460/230/3/60 conversions.

AC Cooling Components Parts and Accessories

Providing any and all cooling parts and supplies
  • Temporary flexible hose
  • Flanged or Victaulic hose adapters
  • UL rated temporary power cable
  • Transportable temporary fencing
  • Scaffolding
  • Ramps
  • Pumps for AC Cooling units
  • Generators for AC Cooling units
  • Power transformers
  • Field headers
  • Electrical cable for AC Cooling
  • Supply and return flexible ductwork
  • UL rated temporary power cable
  • Temporary fencing
  • Temporary flexible hose
  • Condensate pumps
  • Power transformers
  • Temporary AC fittings
  • Temporary AC cable