Water Chiller Rentals

Portable Chillers from 15 Ton to 1000 Ton Rentals

TEM offers a complete line of fully automated commercial and industrial air cooled water chillers and chiller trailers. Individual rental unit capacities range from 15 TR (ton) to 1000 TR (ton) chillers at standard water temperatures (55 F / 45 F). Water chillers are also available for operation at reduced temperatures when cooling glycol or brine solutions, for example propylene glycol cooling or ethylene glycol cooling.

Pre-Packaged Chiller Systems

Our water chillers and chiller trailers are pre-packaged systems that are available for immediate deployment and rapid connection to an existing facility. All TEM chiller trailers include a single point power connection including an integral fused disconnect or circuit breaker, a chilled water circulating pump and integral temperature regulated capacity control.

 For most applications, a TEM water chiller trailer or water chiller can be dispatched to your job site, installed and started up literally within a matter of hours, 24 hours /day. As a part of our service to our clients, we include all the necessary flexible chilled water hose, flanged or Victaulic hose adapters, UL rated power cable and temporary fencing. We include a full bill of material for the temporary, portable water chiller rental or chiller trailer rental.

Why Rent A TEM Water Chiller

  • Planning for a replacement of the water chillers in your central plant?
  • Need to perform maintenance, repair, or replacement of your existing air cooled water chiller?
  • Do you have inadequate cooling capacity to support your commercial or industrial production requirements? Rent a TEM water chiller.
  • Are summer wet bulb temperature increases preventing you from controlling humidity?
  • How will you provide chilled water for your prototype test program?
  • How do you provide chilled water capacity if your existing industrial water chiller just failed?
  • How will you provide chilled water capacity when the new water chiller you ordered is not ready to be shipped from the manufacturer?

Water Chiller Rental Sizes

Our inventory includes air cooled water chillers up to and including 230 TR (ton) nominal cooling capacity. For water chillers with capacity greater than 300 TR (ton), the TEM inventory is based upon condenser water cooled water chillers. Some of our larger cooling capacity water chillers include an integral cooling tower on the chiller trailer, while our other water chillers can be connected either to an existing facility condenser water loop or to a TEM furnished cooling tower or tower trailer.

If your facility requires a total water chilling capacity greater than can be furnished by a single temporary air cooled water chiller, TEM can provide multiple water chillers installed with parallel chilled water flow. Or you may want the flexibility and redundancy provided by multiple temporary, rental water chillers. Regardless of the required cooling capacity, we can provide the rental water chiller capacity for your temporary or emergency application.

Water Chiller Rentals

Sizes Available

We have 15 TR – 1000 TR (ton) sizes available.

Water Chiller Rental Sizes

Air cooled chillers are 15 TR up to 300 TR (tons)

For water chillers with a capacity above 300 TR (tons), the TEM inventory consist of water cooled chillers.  All TEM water cooled chillers come with a cooling tower trailer to support the load.